It's Just the Coffee Talking: it's right in front of your face and you refuse to see it, refuse to look at it.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Back to Normal:  This morning is the first real morning in over a week - back to somewhat normal after hosting 'spring break' at our home for kiddos that had break, but Mom and Dad did not.  Another family member who lives near us came every day with her 2 kids so we had the whole 'cousin crew' here (8,6,4,2 and infant).  From about 6:am Saturday through 5:30 am the next Saturday it was non-stop... well, everything. 

It's Sunday.  No one but Mr. Coffee and I are here this morning and thankfully he is being quiet reading on his own computer in the other room.  I have silence - much, much needed silence for my brain.  *(Yesterday morning he was making so much noise I couldn't re-energize or focus.)   This morning is exactly what I needed. 

Briefly going to touch on something that is frustrating - Covid vax related. 

False Blame:  So all the people dropping dead 'suddenly' from heart issues, having myocarditis issues, and blood clotting issues... the doctors are now programmed (or paid?) to say they don't know what it is, but it seems to be an after-effect of having Covid or 'long haul' Covid.

The thing is... (and this is important) EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM TOOK THE EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shot.

Even a couple days ago one of Mr. Coffee's co-workers was telling him they've been trying to find out what is wrong with her Mom.  She's been having blood clotting issues.  They have gone to numerous different doctors and had tests but no one could pinpoint a reason for the sudden clotting issue.   Until this week.  The doctor's have told them it's a "long term effect" of the Covid virus.  The co-worker was so surprised because her Mom was FULLY VACCINATED AND HAD ALL HER BOOSTERS.

Sigh.  You just can't fix stupid.  Even when it's right in front of your face and you refuse to see it, refuse to look at it.

Project Veritas Exposes What We've Suspected About the COVID Vaccine

The shots cause clotting.  The shots cause heart issues; pain and palpitations.  The shots cause heart attacks, Bells Palsy and irregular periods. Cancer growing and returning around the area where people accepted the shots.  Miscarriages.  Blood issues.  Long clots up to 10" long that have been found in people that have died 'suddenly'.  Healthy, active, young athletes collapsing.  Dying. Teens dropping dead 'unexpectedly'.   Brain clots.  Parallelization.  

And every one of them blindly accepted the shots. 

But... it's the virus.  Yep. 

(The same virus the pure blood people with NO jabs got and had/have zero issues with clotting, myocarditis, and sudden unexplained deaths.)

All these known issues and yet they recently added this same deadly shot to the recommended shots for 6 month old babies.  Of course when the babies die, they call it SIDS (which is skyrocketing like never before - but you know - it's not shots, nope).

VAERS weekly analysis:  https://vaersanalysis.info/

There is overwhelming information, tests, studies and experts that are trying to get the truth out but big bucks behind the scenes are trying to bury it. (Literally TRILLIONS of dollars made in the past 2 years on this shot - for the company and the lawmakers who own stock in it.)   It's there if you search and read actual documentation.  Even from the pharmaceutical companies themselves.  It's there.  Right in front of you.

Other Random Chit-Chat:   I hope to get caught up on doing some pricing and list making on what pantry supplies and household goods I need to purchase. 

I've not been keeping up on that over the past few months because I got side-tracked with Christmas and New Years - which included our entire family here - then baby watch and a new little one, and then of course, more family here.  I only have a week before I'm back to work Tuesday through Friday (I used to get Friday off but apparently it's now on my schedule, so less time to do all the things).  I don't have  extra funds available so I have to work restocking items used over the past few months into my regular grocery and household budget.  Ouch.

The hunt for a match for our kitchen tile continues... seemingly not made any longer and I can't find a great match.  This leads me to often think, "If I put it off long enough and live with cracked tiles, we should just replace the entire kitchen and dining room floor instead of trying to continue to find matching tiles."  But I'm not sure I want to do that, can't really afford it, and don't really 'love' any certain look right now that would go well with the cupboards and flooring in the adjoining rooms.  So... I do nothing.

Enough rambling for now... I have things to do!  Ha ha.
Meh.  It's just the coffee talking again anyway.








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