Chatting over morning coffee around the kitchen table since 2004.

Back in 1998, I started It's Just the Coffee Talking as a way to connect with people and chat over morning coffee.  (Prior to 2004, CoffeeTalking.com existed, but wasn't a .com, but it's been around in some form or another since 1998, before 'blog' was even a word.)

I would sit and sip my freshly brewed morning coffee while reading blogs, commenting on blog-friends posts and keeping up with a great group of people.  It was a personal blog full of stories about day-to-day life, kids, pets, relocating to a new city, comments on the news and media, and simple everyday posts or stories.  Since then I've made many internet friends that turned into 'real life' friends.  An unexpected plus!

Previously full of stories of Mommyhood and Mayhem of humorous family life - the kids got older and life isn't at the same crazy yet hilarious pace it was then. Life is quieter and I have more time to enjoy the coffee.

Currently blogging more about coffee, camping, the news and product reviews as well as a little bit of rambling about emergency preparedness, food storage and other gear - I post what I feel like posting... if I tend to ramble on a little bit, don't mind me, it's just the coffee talking again.