(Original in 2013, updated January, 2017 and updated 2018)

A couple years ago I expressed an interest in hooking up a direct water line to our Keurig since my husband would complain about always having to refill it.  At the time, people were just starting to think about direct water line hook ups and there wasn't a market for it and no one made it easy.  It was in bits and pieces.

Now however, there are a couple companies that will sell you the kits (which I've posted about in the past) and they've added a filter for better taste/flavor

(If you need the part with the elbow see this link;  Elbow version)
There are kits and parts available on Amazon

And here is the one of the kits I mentioned above that incorporates a filter to the direct water line kit.

 I do not have this filter kit and have not used it myself.

Keurig B150, B200, B3000, B3000se, Deluxe Filter Kit

Use this kit for a professional installation of your Keurig B150, B300, B3000, or B3000SE, or Flavia and Grindmaster commercial brewers.

Commercial Brewer Filter Installation Kit Includes:

Filter (GAC filter with polypropylene depth filtration and added polyphosphate for scale control)
Mounting Head with Screws and Bracket (with 1/4" quick connect fittings)
3/4" to 1/4" Water Line Connector
15 inches of 1/4" NSF Certified Water Line (to connect the filter to the unit)
1/4" Shutoff Valve
90 Degree Elbow (attaches to the back of the unit)
Detailed Instructions w/ Graphics (for easy installation)

Granular Activated Carbon: Made from raw organic, high-carbon materials and small, extremely porous granules with high surface area to remove chlorine, tastes and odors, and a wide range of toxic organic chemicals (VOCs).
Polypropylene Depth Filtration: Made from Class 1 filtration media, Tested and Certified by NSF International against ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for Taste and Odor Reduction and Chlorine Reduction Class I.

Polyphosphate Scale Inhibitor: Added NSF Food Grade polyphosphate to prevent scaling and corrosion of pipes and equipment (due to lime, iron, and other water contaminants) by forming a protective film to prevent contaminants from reacting with your equipment.

ALL IN ONE OPTION for a water line plumb kit that comes with a nozzle and elbow fitting:

Keurig Direct Water Line Plumb Kit with Nozzle and Elbow for Keurig B150, K150, B155, and K155 Brewers (Required for Direct Water Line Hookup)


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