Good Morning ! Your morning coffee meme's because I have NO TIME to chat this morning....

Y'all used to laugh at PeeWee Herman's suit
but now you son's are wearing it to prom!

Doctor concerned about high blood pressure?
Don't make me sit in your waiting room two hours next time!

I currently have the WORST driver's license picture so this is funny....
I WISH my DMV lady had offered a retake!

Circumstances do not determine value....


 Good Morning coffee friends....

Yesterdays commute was crappy.  Fine until near the end and then crappy enough that it kind of put a negative spin on most of the day.  Getting ready to throw some 'see other humans' clothes on and do it all again.  Sigh.

Pillow issues this week really came to a head last night;  ouch.  I feel like someone beat the crap out of me last night.  I'm sore all over.  Time to play musical pillows again I guess but we have guests this weekend so I'll put it off until Sunday night or Monday.  But the next two days are probably going to be pretty rough.  When my neck and spine aren't happy, ain't no part of my body happy.

Dang, I sound like I'm 70 years old.  

Got run... clothes to don, makeup to swish and hair to... finger comb and toss most likely.  No time for straightening.





 THIS.  IS.  ME.

Some people don't understand that sitting in your own house in peace, eating snacks and minding your own business is priceless.


Hanging your front door upside down... I'd totally do this too!!!

This is also true.
I don't even answer calls from people I know.


I don't have a mother-in-law but I would totally do this to my son!



From the news: "Putin sees 'a lot of issues' at first summit with Biden" Umm - Like the fact that he's bat-shitty crazy and has lost his mind?

I'm sitting here shaking my head and chuckling.

So the baby went down for a nap and I hurried downstairs to get some cleaning done in the guest room and that bathroom.  I rushed back upstairs to do a couple more things and get the bathroom rugs in the wash, etc. and then, with a break, decided to make coffee and check emails, news headlines, etc.

My phone had a message come in and I ended up having a conversation in which I find that although I was expecting all our weekend guests to start arriving around 9:00 am on Friday morning - two of them are arriving tomorrow evening.

Eeek.  Because tomorrow and tomorrow night are the 'busy' times for me.  Not only to make sure nothing I do is 'undone' by clueless and blind husbands, small children or big children showing and making a mess of bathrooms after work but... I also do best when I start and go like the energizer bunny to accomplish it all without stopping or being bothered like other people.  I'm all... "Don't talk to me, don't bug me, don't TOUCH anything, just go somewhere and disappear so I can focus 100% and get everything done that I need to do...."

And now I'll be doing it all with adults, young adults and babies underfoot.


And wait... it gets better (the reason I'm typing SUPER FAST and chuckling....)

So I finish the text conversation and then I hear it....   whhhhhaaaaaaaa!

The baby is up.

So much for a nice long morning nap.  Nope.  A good nap - but shorter than I hoped.

As I turned back from looking towards the stairs when I heard the baby cry out that he's awake, I realized I made coffee and forgot about it... there it sits.  Cold.

And I had only a minute to look at news headlines but they were all crap.  Horrible. Our society and our world is decaying.  




Putin sees 'a lot of issues' at first summit with Biden

  Like the fact that he's bat-shitty crazy and has lost his mind?
But that his replacement got her positions by literally taking 'the position' and
doing it her way to the top - is as ditzy and stupid as can be,
so no one wants her in place either?