It's Just the Coffee Talking: quick morning post - gotta run!

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

My 'last second to run out the door in time' alarm will go off in about 8 minutes and I'm currently in a tank top and pajama pants with bed-head.  But my cup sill has coffee in it, and coffee must take priority.

Last night I started to read a new book.  It's Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman.  It's not a book I normally would choose, but at the time, it looked good, so I put it on my 'maybe' list and last night, chose it at random to start.  I'm really liking it thus far.  In part because with almost every page, I'm finding things I have in common with the author.  Our personalities, our ways of thinking, our curiosity, individualism and more.  So many things. 

Our lifestyles are 100% different.  Our backgrounds, religions, where we live, how we live and everything in between.  But as children, I see so much of myself in her that I'm really relating to her and getting into the story.  I love that.  Because the last two books I read were awful.  I couldn't stand the characters, the writing was pathetic and shoddy, and they were both so terrible, I rushed through them just to finish them and get it over with.  (I almost ALWAYS finish a book no matter how bad.)  One of the books was by James Patterson, which shocked me.  It was so badly written, I honestly kept thinking to myself any random public school 8th grader could have written it.  (It was Zoo 2 and I don't recommend it.  He apparently had a partner in writing this one but you would think two heads would be better than one.  I don't know how his publishing company or editor let this one slide.  Bad. Bad. So bad.  Not even free on Amazon would be cheap enough to read it.)

Well, I didn't know I'd chit-chat about books this morning, but it is what it is, and my time is up.  The alarm will go off in about 1 minute.  Time to fly...






Interesting reading with your coffee.....



Fed told 'not' to arrest Roe v. Wade protesters at SCOTUS justices' homes, docs reveal

Minor disturbance Girl straddled by drag queen at N.C. school

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It's Just the Coffee Talking: The shooters are trans and non-bianary. It's not guns. It's mental health.

Hello Coffee Friends...

I'm trying to quickly come to chat over morning coffee while also playing with a 2 year old and watching over a sleeping newborn.  But I really, really need a little bit of coffee in me this morning!  LOL.

I had some interesting things to 'chat' about but it's literally taken me an hour so far to TRY to type out a post but the 2 year old is pretty sure that 7 seconds at a time for me to 'read' my computer is enough.  So during this time I've typed 2 words and then played PJ Masks.  Typed half a sentence and dumped pee into the big potty.  Sat down and tried to type, but stopped to play Ring Toss.  Then to 'grocery shop' with the tiny little play cart.  I ate pretend garlic and potatoes on a little toy plate.

I chugged some of my coffee (no longer hot).

Now, I got just a few minutes as the toddler is looking at one of the Quiet Books I sewed a couple years ago for his cousins but he's discovered them and now loves them.


Thank goodness for busy quiet books (you can look up quiet books if you don't know what they are).

I will just type SUPER FAST and hit publish... it is what it is.

Mental Health Issues.....   About 15-20 years ago I noticed a shift to a 'victim' mentality overtaking people.  Everyone was starting to rush to have something 'wrong' with them to be their claim to fame.  And it became a pissing contest.  It was suddenly 'cool' to announce every negative, sad, bad thing you could think of in your life and try to garner sympathy from it, or make a blog about it or get tons of comments on message boards from sympathizers. 

Over the years it grew.  And personality quirks became 'disabilities' and new acronyms were given to everything under the sun.  Strange things also happened that being mentally ill became cool.  Not only was it a fad to start announcing to everyone that you have mental health issues, but it was badge to proudly wear.   From there mental health issues stopped being HELPED.  Instead of getting help to work through the issues, our society started to pander TO them and putting them on pedestals.

Accepting severe mental and emotional health as the cool new thing, our society is screwing up BIG TIME.  We've come so far - I never thought I'd see things like this being 'ok' in real life.

We are letting 5 and 6 year old children decide they want to take chemicals to block puberty.  We are letting children that still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, choose to have their genitals cut off.  We are letting sex themed drag shows not only entertain children, but this week, sadly, I've seen video and articles where children were in the highly sexualized shows; and this wasn't behind closed doors.  These are very public, high profile people and companies behind them.  Schools are hiding things like abortions and sex changes from the parents... some schools will take a 13 or 14 year old to HAVE an abortion... without the parents even knowing.  This is a serious, long term issue and even can involve life or death for the teen as so many things go wrong during and after the abortions.

How did we get here?

Mental health needs to be addressed.  Men wanting to be girls think putting on a dress and some makeup makes them a woman?  No.  Putting on makeup and growing your hair out doesn't make you a woman.  It also doesn't help you solve any of your emotional and mental problems.  Calling yourself 'they' in the plural sense doesn't either. 

They need some good old fashioned treatment centers... with intense treatment.



No, it's not a gun issue.  It's mental health issues... and the fact that we currently are 'accepting' every mental illness and afraid to tell them NO this and YOU are NOT OK.  You need help. 



It's Just the Coffee Talking: Tuesday edition

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Today is... back to work.  I keep glancing at the clock and counting down how many minutes I can sit here sipping coffee and scrolling through the news headlines before I have to rush in to throw on makeup and clothes and run out the door. 

Yesterday morning I jinxed one of the boring deliveries I had by saying "oh, it's just a book, that delivery is low anxiety" and wasted my worry on the big delivery I had coming of soil, compost and railroad ties.  Do you know that the big delivery was perfect?  No issues bringing it up the long drive and as we stood talking at the top of the drive (on the gravel area I specified) I mentioned we actually were going to need the rail ties up on the next level in the..... and lightbulb moment.  "Could you bring them up to the back level!?  That's actually where we need them.  We've had retailing wall block and pavers delivered up there by your company before, and it's not a problem."  He agreed.  He did.  I almost cried happy tears at that time because yesterday was a horrible, no good, crappy day all around and HE, the DELIVERY DRIVER was the highlight of my day.  LOL.

But that simple book delivery?

I bought it from Amazon but it was being sent by a bookseller in Philadelphia.
It's a $50 book, I was buying as a gift for someone.
Yesterday morning as I was running out the door to run errands before the big delivery arrives, I heard a text come into my cellphone.
It was poorly worded with bad grammar, typical of a scam text from overseas, and had an overseas number.  It was asking me to 'confirm my details' with a link to press.  I deleted and rushed out the door. 
About an hour later, while in the middle of Walmart, rushing to get a couple items and get home; I had a notification on my phone my Amazon delivery was 'on hold'.
My phone wouldn't connect to Amazon to see what the deal was, I got an email notification as well.

For the next hour it was a comedy of nonstop errors trying to track down what the issue was. 

The end of that story is that apparently it's not a book seller in Philadelphia, it's an overseas book seller. 
Someone on their end typed or wrote my address wrong on the shipping label.

Lots of messages back and forth in which I could tell they didn't read nor write English well, so communication was a bust.

In the end, I've been waiting almost 3 weeks for a book that is now in route back to the seller... wherever they are.  And they will refund me. And I have to order a brand new book.

I have to wait for payday so I can't reorder right now - (and have to wait for their refund to come through).  Thankfully the gift (the book) doens't have to be given yet and I have time.  Whew.


Ramble ramble... ha ha ha.  It's just the coffee talking again.