It's Just the Coffee Talking: still rocking this head cold but I'm also rocking some yellow TR sneakers I got on clearance yesterday. And they make me happy.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

You will probably not be surprised to know I still have that dang cold. 

The teacher family member that started this whole thing did have a version of Covid as he had a positive test last month but we totally expected that with the start of a new school year and a bunch of little 5 year old petri dishes running around his classroom.  He gets sick every Fall and passes it on to his wife and son - who in turn pass it on to me.  And, Mr. Coffee got a different, much lighter version of this cold - which I'm thankful he didn't get this one - but a little jealous too.

Even though the rest of us all tested negative (I tested no less than 3 times since I was traveling) I'm pretty sure it's got some deep Covid connections - it's lasted longer than a regular cold and it's got the awful achy teeth pain that originated with the Delta (?) version. 

I and the other adult I know with the same cold right now both have that horrible, awful, deep teeth pain.  Only those who have had it can understand it but it's a hold-over from the Covid versions of 2021. I've started to wonder if we will have these 'teeth migraines' with every cold from now on?  Damn you Fauci and China for making and testing this bio weapon in your dang labs.  Didn't the movies and books over the past 100 years teach you that viruses ALWAYS get out, no matter how careful you are? 

Yesterday:  So yesterday I left the house around 8:30 or 8:45 and was running errands with a family member non-stop until I got home after 5:00 pm.  I bought a few odds and ends depending on where we were, but generally speaking I was there for the conversation and companionship while she did her errands.  We actually said 'good-bye' in the Home Depot parking lot and parted... but within about 2-3 minutes my phone rang.  She was going to stop at a grocery store down the street - did I want to meet her there too?  "Ok, I'll meet you there....."   so we did one more stop.  THEN said goodbye.  And really parted this time. 

One random thing I got yesterday... a pair of yellow Sneakers.  They make me happy.
The story behind that (a little bit) is that I have a pair of low top Converse I love, but I can only wear them about an hour or so before they hurt my feet.  The design of Converse (almost all of them) rub the side of my little toes and hurt the side of my big toe - right where that extra thick stitching always is near the top where the sides are sewn. 

I was standing in TJMaxx waiting for the family member to look at some things in the kitchen aisle.  I was glancing around (bored) and saw that someone had randomly put a pair of sneakers on a shelf on an end cap of coffee, etc.  Totally in the wrong place and bright yellow; they caught my eye. 

Hey, those are cute...
I wonder how much they are?
I flipped them over and saw a red clearance sticker on the back for $13.99.
I wonder what size they are?
Oh my goodness, that's my size.  I wonder how they'd fit?

As my family member browsed, I took off my shoe and tried it on. 
Oh that feels good on my sore feet!
These feel so much better than the low top Converse that are killing my toes.
We still have a lot of shopping left today.

These shoes are my personality, cute, comfortable, my size, showed up on a random shelf and are on clearance.  

I bought them.  I walked to the car and took my shoes off and put these on.
I wore them the rest of the day... and my feet didn't hurt once!

(For those wondering, they are True Religion brand... which I don't really care either way, but I love them.)


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:    Judicial Watch received 115 pages of records from the HHS revealing previously redacted locations of COVID-19 vaccine testing facilities in Shanghai, China.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had claimed the name and location of the testing facilities were protected by the confidential commercial information exemption of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“The Biden administration’s stonewalling and shell games about the COVID vaccines further undermine public confidence in these controversial drugs,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Americans are now going to want to know why did the Biden operation try to hide COVID vaccine ties to China.”






It's Just the Coffee Talking: Running someone elses errands today

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Back from a whirlwind cross-country road trip, a busy week and all with a horrible headcold... today was to be my 'day off'.  I planned on taking cold meds and vitamins, and spending the day mopping floors and cleaning and starting to organize for a Fall donation to the thrift store.

Instead, I'll be running errands.  And they aren't even my errands!  LOL.

One of my kids has the day 'off' unexpectedly and has a grand list of things to do, places to go and things to accomplish.  She's asked me to join her for a busy morning and afternoon of errand running, and is trying to entice me with a free 'specialty coffee of my choice' at Starbucks as she has a gift card to use up.  

It's been a long time since she and I have gotten to run errands or shop together - something we used to do literally every weekend before her work schedule changed and she and her husband started their family so OF COURSE I WANT TO.  Ha ha.

I don't have the funds to buy much... but I'm along for the companionship and fun.  It's going to end up being about 11 stores I think so I best get some Emergen-C and B12 in me; a dose of cold meds and get dressed for the day....

But first, coffee.



It's Just the Coffee Talking: Inheriting some random items - Looks like I'm going to be converting a few hundred old vintage 1950's slides into digital photos and use an induction cooktop

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Much like an unwanted house guest, just when I think this dang cold is leaving... it comes back!  After two 'better' nights of sleep, it came back with a vengeance last night.  By 3:30 am the fact that I could not breathe (even with cold meds) made me toss and turn.  I finally relented and had to use the miracle nasal spray.  (I've said before - Afrin is my savior.  Unfortunately it's not good to use it for more than a couple days so I have been barely using it but last night was impossible, so there ya go.)  I was finally able to sleep after that - but only briefly as the day had to begin soon enough.

I had mentioned our trip last week was in part to help an elderly family member.  In doing so, I inherited a few items; one of which is a lot (as in 2 huge drawers packed full to the brim as well as another bag full) of old, vintage, family slides.  There are many boxes marked 1956 with various state parks and vacations my FIL took - and these were dated before he was married as he didn't meet and marry my MIL until the 60's... but then I saw some slides were up until 1982!?   I have no idea why my FIL would still be taking slides into the 80's but he is an odd duck so yes, that's him.  LOL.  
Most are in bad shape as apparently the slides were in the basement which had flooded at some point.  But even if half are ruined, there are still hundreds to check so....
All that rambling over coffee is to say that I am in the market for a slide converter.

I've got some I'm looking at - both pricing at Amazon and BestBuy... I don't have $179 for the one I'd like (the Kodak Slide N Scan) so instead I'm looking at the smaller, cheaper converters like the DigitNow.
I watched a YouTube video and it looks pretty easy to use... and would save me $100 over the more expensive Kodak.  Except I really like the larger viewer screen on the Kodak so I'm still pondering. 

I also came home with a Big Boss Induction Cooktop, which I had never really thought about or cared about but I hated to see it tossed into a landfill when the house is turned over so I brought it home not even knowing if it worked.  I tried it, but it got an error message.  I almost threw it out but then Mr. Coffee found the instruction manual and receipt in a box of photos and papers so I looked over them last night.  BINGO.  I needed a magnet.  Why?  Because that was a quick and easy way to know which pans would work on it!  If you use a pan that isn't induction compatible, it won't work and you get an error message.  I tried it with my cast iron pan and my daily saucepans with a magnetic bottom and it worked perfectly! 

The receipt was dated 2014, but it looks like it's hardly been used. 

Ok, I've got slide converters to research and a decision to be made so I'll hit publish and get on with my day.  Thanks for popping in!  

To put the border crisis into perspective....
Ponder this over your morning coffee.
We've got the population equivalent of an entire new COUNTRY come through our Southern border since Biden/Harris took office.


I think the me who buys groceries
and the me that actually has to cook the meals
are two entirely different people