Coffee Talking... So, Trolls Dolls That Have a Gasp and Giggle Button Between Her Legs...

I'm sure many of you have heard about or seen the social media videos for the troll dolls that are (thankfully) being yanked off the shelves.

If you haven't - I'm NOT posting a photo here and you can look up the videos by themselves but... OMG.  

The DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Giggle 'n Sing Poppy Troll doll, introduced by Hasbro shows that if you press a button on the tummy the doll will say 10 phrases or sing.  Uh... nope.

Guess what?  Doll sings, sure but they put a button between her LEGS... yes, in THAT exact spot and when you press it, she gasps, giggles and says things like OOH!



HELLO?  HASBRO  and DREAM WORKS....  are you putting out a male troll doll next that if you rub the front of HIS CROTCH he's going to gasp and moan and say "YEAH BABY!"  ????

Luckily I have heard they are taking these off the shelves.

(Note:  There are some Moms that have videos you can watch that have gone into the store and literally show you - and let you hear - how the button in her G-spot makes her gasp, giggle and 'oooh'.  Look for the real posts, by real people trying these out and showing them to you - NOT some of the more liberal news sites that are NOT showing you the truth on just how disgusting these dolls are).

Can't we just let kids be... kids?  Stop with the grown-up innuendo and jokes in our little ones toys. 



one word meme

Feeding baby.  One hand free.

One Word

Where is your cell phone?               desk
Where is your significant other?     basement
Your hair color?                               blonde
Your mother?                                   there
Your father?                                     pushy
Your favorite thing?                         reading
Your dream last night?                    forgotten
Your dream goal?                            beach
The room you're in?                        office
Your hobby?                                    lots
Your fear?                                        elephants
Where do you want to be in 6 years?         homesteading
Where were you last night?              home
What you're not?                              girly
One of your wish-list items?            berkey
Where you grew up?                        midwest
The last thing you did?                    bottle
What are you wearing?                    sweatshirt
Your TV?                                         nonessential
Your pets?                                        dogs
Your computer?                               newish
Your mood?                                     antsy
Missing someone?                           nope
Your car?                                        sufficient
Something you're not wearing?      shoes
Favorite shop?                                Sams
Your summer?                                quarantine
Love someone?                              obviously
Your favorite color?                       white
When is the last time you laughed?   yesterday
When is the last time you cried?    July

Try it!