Mini Espresso Maker!? For on the go espresso (How is the MiniPresso GR different from the AeroPress?)

So, I'm over on Amazon this morning looking for nothing in particular - just procrastinating starting on some of the tasks waiting for me today. At the bottom of a page I see a tiny image that catches my eye and whoa - looks like it's a single 'on the go' espresso maker. And, from the reviews, it seems people like it. Really like it.

Of course I had share on It's Just the Coffee Talking.

The MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Minipresso GR is the perfect portable espresso machine. Compact, lightweight and versatile, you may use any variety of coffee bean/roast, which will give you more flexibility in trying new flavors. Grinding your own beans will give you more control over your coffee preparation, resulting in a quality espresso shot that will please even the most sophisticated coffee aficionado. 

Minipresso GR is your best choice to enjoy up to a 50 ml of authentic espresso at home, in the office and on the go

From the manufacturer

Minipresso GR is simple and intuitive to operate. 
  • Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop. 
  • Apply slight pressure to level the grind. 
  • Add hot water into the water tank. 
  • Finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract perfect espresso with generous crema.

How is this different from the aeropress?

The Aeropress pours a cup of coffee,through a paper filter, where as the Minipresso pours a single shot espresso.

Minipresso pumps hot water to 116psi/8bar pressure. Our compact size is a key feature. If you are looking a full cup of coffee the Aero is a great product. If you are looking for a quality shot of espresso, anywhere on the go, that is what the MP is made for. If you want both a cup of coffee and espresso, you wouldnt be the first to own both machines.

I own and use both. The Minipresso does one thing and does it very well: It makes a single short shot of espresso at a time. The Aeropress is a bit more versatile, in that it allows the user to vary how much coffee and water are used, but the Aeropress doesn't really make espresso. It makes a very good cup of pressed c… see more

I agree with Portable Espresso seller. I own both. The aeropress makes a fabulous cup of coffee, but does not make espresso. This makes a proper shot of espresso.

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My last minute orders from Amazon for our Girls Road Trip 2018 - cutlery, another mess, coffee and Mountain House Foods

The living room is full of... stuff.

I've found it easiest for me to pack for any trips by laying out everything and then picking and choosing what I want/need before putting the rest back.  To me this is much easier and organized than making a list and then digging through bags, bins and backpacks to find the items I want.

This weekend I raided our backpacks that I have ready to go at all times. In doing so though, I realized my favorite mess-kit ever is solo.  I've bought two because I love them so much but I gave the other one to my son when I made up a camping/backpack gift for him.

I decided to order a second mess kit but also decided to order two more sets of my favorite cutlery.  This way I can leave the two sets we have in our ready-to-go camp backpacks.  Having extra is a no-brainer, it's just never been a priority to me because my husband (Mr. Coffee) doesn't like camping, hiking or backpacking.

Here are the last minute items I ordered this weekend (including a case of one of our two 'top' Mountain House foods).  (These are affiliate links to the actual products I ordered from Amazon.)

      Polycarbonate/Copolymer Cutlery, 3 Piece

   Liberty Mountain Cutlery, 4-Piece

Olicamp Mess Kit

     Mountain House Chicken Breast with Rib Meat & Mashed Potatoes

Melitta Coffee Pods, Sumatra Blend, 3.95-Ounce (Pack of 6)

*The reason I have two different cutlery sets is because I already own one of both and I like them both but I don't want or need extra 'serving' or 'stirring' spoons - the large, round ones.  I'm not crazy about the orange color but at the time, this is the color option Amazon had in stock.  I like the 4-pc set for the large round stirring & serving spoon.  I really love the 3 pc. set for durability and comfort in my hand and how the spoon feels when using it.  It's not too big or bulky like some camp spoons are for females.

The Olicamp mess kit is my all time favorite and beats out the thin aluminum ones by leaps and bounds.  This is my favorite hands down and the only one I use now.  The cup is plastic because if you are drinking hot coffee or liquids, the metal would heat up too hot to touch.  That is why it's plastic - although I don't use this cup for hot liquids, I use my favorite Stanley brand cups for that! 

And the Mountain House Chicken breasts and mashed potatoes are absolutely wonderful.  Tender and good - especially after a day of hiking.  Our top two foods are this one and their Biscuits and Gravy - which we like so much I ordered 2 cases this year as we tend to choose them for dinner as well, not just breakfast.


How to keep your toilet paper roll clean and dry when tent camping: And how I tote toilet paper in my back as well

Last month I posted the tip about packing seasonings for camp cooking. (Pack seasonings and spices in empty Tic-Tac containers)  There are many other small things I do that I guess are 'hints and helps' but they are just things I do without thinking to share as a 'hint' or hack - but I hate that word (hack) because it's waaaay overused on the internet lately.  Along with 'viral', as in; "This one great hack goes viral after being shared on the internet!"  Yahoo does this DAILY and.... OMG just shut-up. Shut-up now.

But now... on to another hint/help about keeping your toilet paper clean and dry.

During the road trip this time, 85% of the trip will be spent without bathroom facilities.  There will be vault toilets nearby (if you don't know what that is, it's a wood or plastic structure with a bench or toilet in it that is simply a hole going straight down into the yuck and muck.  Like an old fashioned out-house.)  Yes it smells.  Yes you can see straight down into the muck and everything that entails.  Most of the time they at least put a container of hand sanitizer on the wall, but not always.  Other times there may be enough water access at the site that they have a small sink for washing but not for flush-toilets.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way.  The point to this rambling little post is that we have a portable toilet, a privacy tent and toilet paper with us on this trip.  And I have a very quick and easy way to keep the toilet paper clean and dry, and in a 'roll' shape.

If you are back-packing into your site, this is too big and bulky for your pack. (I remove the cardboard roll in the center and smash it flat, then stick it into a heavy duty ziplock baggy for in my pack.)  But if you are car-tent camping or boon-docking; tuck this idea away in your head.  

It's simple a tall (100 count style) spindle that holds CD's or DVD's.  I already owned this from a bulk pack of DVD's however you can buy them cheap.  I just checked for this post and found them on Amazon.

EMPTY CD DVD Blu-ray Disc CAKE BOX Spindle -100 Disc Capacity

That's it.  That's all there is to it.  A full, new roll of toilet paper fits right into it perfectly and keeps your TP clean and dry, and in a roll.  Much better than a wet, soggy, dirty roll of toilet paper that fell on the ground.

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