Removal of children from the home based on doctors opinions with zero facts? It happens often and

Source:  https://www.kxan.com/news/elgin-parents-accused-of-abuse-lose-custody-of-children-after-doctors-misdiagnose-infant/

In May 2015, Lorina and Jason Troy, of Elgin, welcomed their son but soon noticed that the infant's head kept growing. When the couple brought their child to medical specialists, they were unexpectedly accused of child abuse. Doctors claimed that the parents had repeatedly shaken their son so hard that it caused his head to swell.

"It was definitely a low blow being accused of something that you know you didn't do," Jason told the station. 

"The hospital was telling me I had to pack all my stuff
and I couldn’t be near my kids."

Though the parents questioned the diagnosis, they were dismissed.

"I told [the doctor], 'My son has never been hurt in any way. Could this be anything else?'" she recalled. "And he told me, 'Yes, but since he's a baby and can't talk, we are just going to go with abuse," and walked away."

Both of Lorina and Jason's children were allegedly taken away from them and placed into foster care.

Jason was also charged with two counts of child abuse, KXAN notes. He was purportedly forced out of his job, and he and his wife had to sell their house to pay an attorney to represent them.

"There was some doubt," Jason said. "Like was there something I did? Justice would prevail and the facts would come out."

The couple eventually got a hold of a medical expert in Maryland, who determined that their younger son, in fact, had benign external hydrocephalus, a condition that commonly occurs in infancy and childhood and results in a rapidly increasing head circumference.

Shortly after, the children were returned to the couple and the charges were dropped. The damage, however, was already done, Lorina said.

"I have seen a lot of medical conditions that can easily be mistaken as child abuse when it isn't," she said. "The proper medical experts should be hired to correctly diagnose the children instead of assuming the worst and go that way because it drastically affects the families, especially the children."

According to KXAN, the Troys can no longer sue their doctor for malpractice because they missed the two-year statute of limitations. The couple has since been in contact with the White House, Texas's governor and other legislators to help create laws that will stop children from being wrongfully removed from their parents and prevent doctors from carelessly misdiagnosing patients. 
"There were times when the loss of our children, the unbelievable accusations against my husband and the feeling that we were powerless to right the wrongs – were overwhelming," Lorina told the station. "But, we went through the most challenging events of our lives and it has made us stronger. Now, we can take our terrible situation and what we have learned, and help others in similar situations."


It's official.... I ordered my Christmas Cards on October 6th!???

I like to use a photo of our entire family on our Christmas cards, which as the kids all get older and leave the nest, make new nests of their own and start to fill them; gets harder to to do.  We are working around so many people's work schedules, vacation schedules and other issues that more often than not we manage to get everyone together just once a year now.

But we did so in August for an extended family vacation at the beach.

The photo was taken using the timer on the camera, that was propped up on a stair to a deck and my son running to click the 10 second timer and run fast back through the sand to get into his 'saved' spot in the group.

To get the little kids (ages 4, 3 and 1) to look towards the camera, I propped a laptop computer next to the camera, and was playing a DVD disk of  the cartoon Peppa Pig.  We were telling them to watch Peppa Pig, as my son was racing back to the group before the camera snapped the picture, and as the wind was whipping our hair and dresses all over God's green earth....

But we got a picture by golly!

Yesterday as I was clearing out the daily emails I spied one from a big name stationary printer/photo printer that was trying to get people to order their Christmas cards early by offering a really great deal for the first week of October.

75% off plus free shipping.

I clicked on it just to take a look at the card options and before I knew it, I had chosen, designed, edited and added a photo, and clicked on PURCHASE.

My $145 order was just $33... but the feeling of being done with my Christmas card order by October 6th?  Priceless!

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USPS (US Postal Service) ALL OUT LIES ABOUT ATTEMPTED DELIVERIES... and there is nothing we can really do about it

Yesterday was Sunday and I was expecting an Amazon delivery.
I don't have Prime, I didn't want nor request a Sunday delivery, as I am one of those old-fashioned (although young) weirdos who believes people don't need Sunday deliveries and we can just wait until Monday.

I had a small box order from Amazon coming and was surprised to see alerts telling me it would be delivered on Sunday. 

I was surprised, because I am still not used to delivery services on Sunday and since this order was a small, regular, no rush order, I was just happy it was being delivered, and looked forward to it. 

So I waited.
And waited.

And waited.

I was home all day and a good portion of it, was in the home office, which has a window that overlooks the street out front of our home, as well as the driveway.

No delivery.

I also have two house dogs who will bark when they hear a delivery truck outside, and... no delivery.

I also have security cameras on our driveway and our front door.

No delivery.

My husband had to work yesterday so I texted him at 4:51 and told him I was expecting an Amazon delivery today but no one had showed up yet, so just in case they left it in the mailbox instead, could he check the mailbox when he arrived home?

No delivery.

So as you can see... there was NO DELIVERY MADE.  NOR ANY ATTEMPT AT DELIVERY.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found this alert app on my phone, telling me USPS attempted a delivery but was unable to access my front door.

And although I don't care about Sunday deliveries, I DO care about liars.
I hate liars.

If you were tired and just wanted to go home because it was 5:45 pm on a Sunday, then have the balls to SAY IT BUT DON'T LIE and report that you attempted delivery and couldn't access the front door.

Because the only way you can't access our front door is if you drive by our home without stopping or don't even come to our home at all.

But the more frustrating thing?



They are so big, that one customer complaint is lost among the throngs and they don't even make it easy to let anyone know the delivery people are liars.

I clicked on the updates and saw their lies about the non-existent attempted delivery and it just pissed me off that delivery drivers get away with this.

My update says the attempted to deliver at 5:45.  (LIAR)
And that the package arrived at my local USPS this morning at 4:53 am and they will be making another attempt to deliver today.

What this shows is that the bigger city USPS (the lazy liars) do the weekend delivery attempts (?) and lie about it so apparently this morning the update shows that it was delivered to my smaller local city USPS and my regular carrier will be attempting to deliver.

I actually have a USPS account online and because of this, I figured it would be easier to find a way to contact them and submit a complaint than the "call your USPS carrier at this 888 number that a billion people use"... and it was.
Not that I want them to contact me or actually DO anything.
I don't CARE about Sunday deliveries.
And it was a small order that was no rush.
But I DO CARE if they hire employees who all out LIE.

Because again... I hate liars.

So I did email them the complaint.  Nothing will be done, and I'm sure no one cares and no one is going to take responsibility for their lazy Sunday delivery drivers.

..... you can ignore this rant, it's just the morning coffee talking again.........

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