It's Just the Coffee Talking: The US Postal System - a great example of how to run a business into the ground (and yes, rates are going up AGAIN in October)

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I thought the bell selfie was a good choice as this morning as it has double meaning; the bell to wake everyone up of course, but yesterday was the first day of school for many around the country, so the old 'school bell' comes into play here as well.

This morning I have the day 'off'  and just finished my first cup of coffee.  The second just finished brewing, and if I type quick enough, I might be able to enjoy it while it's still hot instead of getting preoccupied and letting it cool down, in which I have no interest in it any longer.


I read last night that the US postal service is going to 'temporarily' raise rates again this Fall, just in time for Christmas holidays.  They JUST RAISED THEIR PRICES LIKE, A MONTH OR SO AGO.  Seriously - the prices of everything from stamps on up to packages went up just a few weeks ago... and now, going up in October.

This is a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot so to speak.  

Is the goal to completely run the US Postal Service into the ground and ruin it completely?  Because that is what has been happening over the past 10 years.  I wonder how much longer of a lifespan the US Postal Service has at this rate....    people are going to stop using it completely soon.  

"......The U.S. Postal Service plans to raise the prices during the peak holiday season for the third year in a row.

The postal service said the temporary price increase on a variety of mail services would offset rising delivery costs.  The increases will range from 25 cents to $6 per package.

They will cover individual and business mailings for priority mail, priority mail express and first-class package service. They would go into effect on Oct. 2 and last through Jan. 22. The postal regulation commission has to give the green light for the higher rates to go into effect."


(As a side-note to that... people already ARE choosing 'anyone else' over our lack-luster and expensive  postal service.  Obviously most businesses now send UPS and FedEx and try not to use the postal service at all, and personal packages are starting to go that way as well. 

Personal packages were affordable to 'mail' for the past 100 years, but no longer.  I mailed a tiny padded envelope last week that had a small 6 inch charging cord to a pair of ear buds in it, our son left it at our home.  I mailed it back to him at the cheapest 3-5 day rate; and the postal service charged $4.80 for that small envelope, that had a very light-weight cord in it.  I also mailed a small, squishy pillow back to our daughter who forgot it - a lightweight, regular satin bed pillow, again at the 'ground' rate - which is the cheapest - and it was $23 to mail.

Here's the comparison to UPS...  my husband left clothing in a drawer at a rental and it is being shipped back to us today.   It's much, much heavier than the satin pillow I  mailed to our daughter this week but the box, being sent UPS instead, is $22 to ship.

So a lightweight pillow sent the cheapest ground rate through USPS was $23 and ships in 3-5 business days was a dollar more than a box of clothing - heavier - sent UPS in 2 days for $22.)


A quick afternoon It's Just the Coffee Talking.......

Hello!  Although I can't say my normal greeting;  'good morning coffee friends'  because it's not at ALL morning.

But I do have coffee next to me - albeit cold because I'm too busy to drink it.  




 The job posting that came out this week....  ponder that one.  No, really.  Put your personal politics aside and read it and think about this. 


Those screaming false facts about maternal death and abortion?
84% of maternal deaths were from LEGAL ABORTIONS.
Facts.  Those silly things that get in the way of propaganda.  ;)

The tax code... let's wrap our brains around this document, shall we?

Some people think War and Peace is too long to read.
Some think the Bible is too long to read.

The Bible is 788,280 words long...
The US tax code is 2.4 million words long.

It's Just the Coffee Talking: happy, soul soothing videos of an adorable little, brilliant octopus and people helping to save animals.... it will do your heart good

Hello and good morning!

This morning I was sipping coffee while the 2 year old played with toys; mainly, 2 little octopus toys.  As we talked about what they were and I explained they lived in the ocean, and were very, very smart, etc. I decided to watch a couple youtube videos with them so 'octopus' would come to life and help them understand the animal.

And... we fell down a bit of a rabbit hole, of course.

But it was a good one.

My click to watch a cute octopus video led to a side click chosen by the toddler to watch turtle videos - and then we clicked on this one... people helping animals.

Before I knew it, I had a hitch in my chest and my eyes were.... leaking.  LOL.

Happy tears.

It was so nice to see people being kind humans... a BIG change from what the daily news is pouring into our brains and souls everyday.




 Here was a video the toddler and I watched of an adorable (and smart) little octopus.