The CDC has sneakily CHANGED THE WORDING on what the definition of 'vaccination' is - and - In California right now they are attempting to pass a bill that would allow a 12 year old child to get vaccines without any parental consent

A 12 year old a child.  Literally... a child.
What is wrong with people that ANYONE would allow a little kid to make their own medical decisions - especially about something that could harm them or kill them - and parents don't even have to know they got it.

Look at how the CDC has sneakily CHANGED THE WORDING on what the definition of 'vaccination' is.  We are living in an unbelievably scary world right now.... zero oversight of so many long-lasting repercussions of decisions and changes.

It's all in the words used... (or CHANGED) in this case - to fit the propaganda.

The Bill SB866:   https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220SB866

It's not just the US lying about vaccinated and unvaccinated numbers and deaths... Canada was caught red handed doing the same thing (publishing, then realizing what they did and deleting it and re-publishing to fit the narrative)

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An Internet sleuth has recently uncovered how the government of Alberta, Canada had inadvertently published actual data before deleting it and publishing data that aligned with their narrative that COVID vaccines were effective in fighting the coronavirus.


"Data showed that more than half of the newly vaccinated deaths were labeled as unvaccinated.

According to Joel Smalley, who describes himself as "pro bono COVID data analysis for legal challenges and independent media seeking the truth" and wrote on Substack that "Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats," the vaccine effectiveness statistics was conflated by the government of Alberta, Canada by "dumping" all the COVID events such as cases, hospitalizations and deaths that "occur subsequent to infection within 14 days of the first dose into the unvaccinated."

Smalley alleged that the Government of Alberta "[ignored] the adverse outcomes in the first two weeks post administration" in order to uphold the narrative of "impressive vaccine effectiveness." He also alleged that they inflated the unvaccinated numbers aside from "dumping the events within 14 days of dose 2 in the partially vaccinated as well."

According to The Gateway Pundit (TGP), data showed that almost 50% of all COVID hospitalization of the newly vaccinated occurred within 14 days since their first vaccine shot, which means they were treated as "unvaccinated" in the statistics. Health authorities all over the world are considering a person "fully vaccinated" two weeks after the second dose of the two-dose COVID vaccine regimen or two weeks after the single-dose regimen.

"In terms of deaths, the duplicity is even more severe with almost 56% of deaths of the newly vaccinated occurring within 14 days and almost 90% within 45 days," Smalley wrote. But because anything uploaded to the Internet is documented, some people took the time to record that the Canadian province uploaded, deleted, and then published new data that better fit their narrative.

But according to the latest data, the Alberta government admitted that they followed the "fraudulent standard that was in use by vaccine manufacturers during clinical trials," as per the TGP report. This standard includes ignoring the adverse outcomes, including COVID infection, hospitalization, and deaths.

The report pointed out why 56% of the recorded COVID deaths among the vaccinated occurred within 14 days of vaccination and 90% within 45 days, which is also the time at which the vaccine is supposedly in full effect against the coronavirus. In terms of hospitalizations, the same could be said. About 50% of the severe cases among the vaccinated occurred within 14 days and 80% occurred within the first 45 days of vaccination.

Elsewhere in Alberta, the premier of the province on Thursday condemned the COVID vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers over concerns about supply chain and fuel inflation, Reuters reported. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called upon the Canadian government to pause the COVID vaccine mandate for truckers, which has prevented up to 32,000 or 20% of 160,000 Canadian and American cross-border truckers from doing their jobs, as estimated by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA)."







It's Just the Coffee Talking: random chit chat about the new black and silver Sam's Club cards, and the insane number of vaccinations that go into little babies by the time they are 15 months old and other randoms I ponder over morning coffee

Good Morning!

I thought I'd add the morning bagel face this morning even though I'm not really enjoying a bagel.  It's my 3rd peppermint bark coffee for me - but you are welcome to whatever you wish of course!

I have the day 'off' and although I really, really would like to hit up the local Sam's Club for some freezer goods, I paid bills online this weekend and I'm actually overdrawn a bit.  I've got emergency funds to cover it but dang... I didn't even pay them all.  I paid the trash bill, home security system monitoring, cell phones, car insurance and internet.  That's it.  That's all I could do.

Speaking of Sam's... remember when my husband (who is NOT actually a main member, but is simply an 'added household card holder' on my account and never, ever, ever actually shops there?)  got that new spiffy black and silver membership card in the mail and I wondered where MINE (you know, the actual card holder with the account) was?

I still haven't got one.   

He has a shiny black and silver card... I still have my old, beat up blue and silver card. Except, since he never shops there, his card is actually just sitting here unused, on my desk.

Now, I don't actually use my old, ugly blue card as I have a copy on my cellphone app and use that - but that's not the point.  The point is... where is MY cool looking card?  Why did a free, 'added household member' get his card and I never got one?   LOL.


What else to chat about??

Something to ponder over with your morning coffee... the sheer number of shots recommended to shoot into your little ones before they are even 6 months old.  At the same time they are shooting these viruses, chemicals and metals into the babies, they are telling you not to give them bananas or rice cereal without doing a week or two of 'testing' first to see how they do.  In the meantime, chemicals and viruses are perfectly ok in little bodies that weigh little more than a bag of sugar.  Hmm.

 Here is a link to the official site of the CDC recommended vaccination schedule for our little ones.... about 25 different shots recommended to shoot into their little tiny bodies before the age of 15 months... when the same pediatricians are telling you not to give them carrots or bananas for the first time without a 2 week 'trial' period for new foods.... hmmm.

This parenting meme made me chuckle... LOL.

More serious matters at hand... what's going on in our world right now and how far the long reaching effects will have.